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It’s My Birthday, I’ll Blog If I Want To!

Warning: This post will have swear words in it.

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What a great, crazy, bad, and wacky week it has been since a great birthday celebration with my mom. A bunch of lows and highs.

It’s my day before my birthday, and I will be happy if I want to

Five days ago was my birthday on June 21st. My birthday is on the day of the solstice, when the sun reaches its northernmost position from the equator, marking the beginning of summer.

In the past, I have regretted my birthday, but now I look at it with joy. I used to be angry about aging and what I had not accomplished. It was just another day closer to death. Now I see the day is about celebrating the things I have overcome and what I have accomplished. Every day, I get wiser and learn a lot more about myself. It’s about a new and continued journey for opportunities to experience much more in my life. Birthdays are a time for celebration, new growth, and joy to reminisce about your time on earth. It is a time for change and to look back on how you can better yourself and your upcoming year.

The day before my birthday—the day of celebration

Usually I go out to dinner with my mom and my sister, but this year it was just with my mom. We always go to a non-vegan place that has something they can eat. That way, I know they can get food they like.
This year, however, my mom suggested we go to a vegan place since it was just her and me. The birth and start of a new tradition.

We went to one of my favorite places, an amazing vegan deli where they make 95% of their vegan meat.
My meal consisted of chicken strips, shared garlic fries with my mom, Caesar salad, and half of my mom’s chicken pesto leftover sandwich. I also had a few bites of macaroni salad that I saved for later in the day.

We sat inside enjoying each other’s company while I was in food heaven eating my meal. The deli has an impressive, delicious and wide array of foods to choose from. The flavors melt in your mouth and are well made.
This is truly the best vegan meal I have ever had on a birthday. Nothing meant more to me than my mom going to a vegan place for me.
She really liked the garlic fries and was surprised at how much she liked the sandwich. In her words, “not the best sandwich I have ever had, but pretty good.”

After that, we went to a backpacking store because I was looking to replace my hiking backpack. What turmoil my old one has gone through. It has been beaten up and lived a long and well-lived life. My straps are no longer there, and the difference a hiking backpack makes if you have the straps.
We found a great one. While there, I found a great kayaking jacket (a windbreaker) and a warm jacket, which my mom bought me for my birthday.

The best birthday I have had in years. 🙂

The day of my birthday

I drove up to my dad’s family camping reunion this day. Camping is truly euphoric. I feel one with nature and a part of it. Camping gives clarity and peace of mind.
I am not close with my dad’s side of my family. I feel apart from them, but I have been making an effort to get closer to them.

Right before I went to the campsite, I went to my favorite Mexican place. The crunchy and savory tostados. The warm and delicious bean dip. A perfect birthday meal.
The rest of the day just consisted of playing dominoes and getting everything set up.

I wished my father a late happy father’s day and gave him a funny card and a gift card.

As a birthday present, my step-mother and dad gifted me my favorite cookies from a local safeway. Happy birthday to me!

“Just keep paddling paddling.”

I had a morning breakfast for energy and hopped right in my kayak to paddle around the whole lake. I traversed around five miles.

Then I played dominoes all day with a family member.

I had started feeling a bit sick and not so well in the latter half of the day. I was in agony in my tent that night and decided I would make a decision in the morning whether I would be okay or not to stay.

The shit show of a day

The shitday is not because I decided I needed to go ahead and leave because I was not feeling well. The morning before I left was fine.

I would have had a good reason to leave because my dad was talking about me with my step-mother making comments about me misconstruing what i had actually said. Or the fact that I realized I really don’t like my dad’s side of the family during my stay.

I revealed that morning that I was leaving to my family. I packed up and off I went. My dad took me to the gate and followed me out.


Despite him being my dad, I don’t really know him that well. He has been absent much of my life. I have been making an effort to get to know him more, spend more time with him and build a connection with him.

I realize I’m going the wrong way while driving. I make a u-turn and go the other way. I am now on my way home.

My dad gets ahead of me and aggressively yells, “PULL OVER.”

He scared the crap out of me. I kept going. He swerves and goes in the lane and then drives ahead of me to yell once again, “pull over.” I kept driving. It happened again. He is scaring the crap out of me. I’m freaking out. I’m scared shitless and afraid of what might happen if I did pull over. So I don’t pull over. He keeps following me and keeps following me. All the while keep yelling pull over. He followed me for forty minutes.

Why did he want me to pull over?

My mom found out the reason why he wanted me to pull over later that day. I had the camping ticket and he wanted it so he could give it to somebody else. Julia I need your parking ticket, which would have sufficed. Or instead of following me for forty minutes, he could have in the first couple of minutes gone back to the campsite, grabbed his phone, and then called me.

This left a sour taste in my mouth and It has made me think a lot since then on whether or not I want to keep seeing my dad.

June 24th-Diagnosed with Costochondritis?

What did my sickness consist of? Sore throat, headache and sharp and throbbing chest pain that extended to my back.

I went to the doctor because I knew something was wrong.
I was diagnosed with costochondritis.

What is Costochondritis

It’s inflammation of the cartilage between the rib and the sternum. As I found out, it’s a common occurrence among people. People can get it from sighing, coughing, or even doing exercises that can cause them pain.

I had never heard of it before I was diagnosed.
According to the doctor, warm gel packs, medication, and figuring out what exercises caused it will fix this. I looked up stretches that should help with this problem.

I am happy that I know what the problem is and do not have a serious health problem like I thought I would have. It does suck, though.

~May the force be with you

This is my first post for the #50inayear challenge. A site with a blog explaining this challenge will be posted soon.

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