I rather be me

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I rather just be me.

I rather suffer through pain, and heartache. Also I rather suffer through severe sadness being stuck in a vortex not being able to breath then take a pill. A pill to fix all my solutions. A pill to ease the heartache and suffering but then would I really be me. A part of me is stuck between life and death and at a standstill when I take the magic pill. A part of creativity to allow my thoughts and emotions to feel are taken away from me.

I am me. I am a wave crashing through the endless stream of life trying to find my purpose in life. My destiny. My happiness and fulfillment that will thrust me forward into no longer a wave stream of emotions.

I have conquered the mountains enduring the uphill climb. I have paddled the lakes allowing myself to be free of the heartache of the world that has crushed me and pulled me down. I have suffered the terror of allowing myself to walk outside in the uncertainty of life. I have beat the pain of feeling terror that something is going to come at me. I have endured endless torment and agony of defeat. Yet I still would rather be me.

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